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Excommunication of

Fr. Eldhose Koungumpilli

We have learned that Mr. Eldhose Koungumpillil who has been ex-comminucated and stripped off from holy priesthood by the Patriarch is continuing to function as a 'priest' in UK even after the ex-communication.


The Holy Father has made it clear that whatever he does after the ex-communication would be deemed null and void and he and those who associate with him would therefore be accursed. We invite our readers to read all these bulls which will give you some indication about Eldhose's past history of indiscipline and arrogance and how he was being dealt with over the years. He is probably the only one in our history whom the Holy Father had to take disciplinary action more than once. He is now trying to make it as as issue between Mor Coorilos Thirumeni and him which is not the case.


Even during the time of Mor Gregorios Joseph Metropolitan, he had been involved in such arrogant and indisciplined activities. From Mor Gregorios's Bull (posted below) of suspending Eldhose, you would know that he had the audacity to prevent a Thirumeni (Mor Gregorios Joseph) from entering a church in London and even to threaten Thirumeni with police action!!! Our Church leadership has made it clear that the chapter on Eldhose Koungumpillil is now closed and will not be re-opened.


You may have noticed that he is now trying to confuse our faithful in the UK by publishing unfounded and baseless news in the media. You may have also noticed that it is the websites and fora of the dissident "methran kakshi" people that are now enthusiastically supporting Eldhose and his dissident group and exploiting the situation. This further proves that Eldhose and his group have been constantly associating with the methran kakshi people in the UK for a long time.


Let us continue to pray for the repentance of Eldhose Koungumpillil.


SOCM News Bureau, London, UK


Encyclical from His Beatitude

His Beatitude issued an Encyclical informing our churches in Malankara about Mr. Eldhose's ex-communication.



Excommunication Bull


2nd Suspension Bull



2nd Show cause notice & Disciplinary action from Patriarchal Vicar


First Suspension Bull


1st Show cause notice Disciplinary action from Patriarchal Vicar




















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