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Malphono Kasheshoo Cherian Kottayil

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Rev Fr. Cherian Kottayil passed away in a car accident near Pandalam

February 15, 2010, Pandalam; With a heavy heart, we inform you all the sad and sudden demise of Fr. Cherian Kottayil of Kottayam diocese, in a road accident near Panthalam. Fr. Cherian, a renowned convention speaker, singer, author and a visiting fellow of the MSOT seminary, was coming back to his home in Thiruvanchoor, Kottayam District, after a convention speech. The body is now kept at Pathanamthitta Government Hospital mortuary and will be taken to his home by tomorrow after the postmortem. He leaves behind his wife and two kids.




Mseeho Deesai’k Morethkumare’ Rabodh Kohne’

Haso l’kohnaik Shamesh Rosaik Loktheshbuhatho’


We express our condolences, and pray that God console the beloved near and dear ones. May Achen's soul be in paradise.

Funeral Arrangement of late Fr. Cherian Kottayil

February 16, 2010, Pandalam. Late Fr. Cherian Kottayil's body brought to Adoor Michael Mor Dionysius Dayara and hundreds of people from all walks of life paid their last respects.



Metropolitans Mor Militious Yohanon and Mor Theophilos Kuriakose lead the prayer at Adoor Michael Mor Dionysius Dayara.

from Malankara Syriac Voice

The body of late Fr. Cherian Kottayil, brought back to his serving parish at Kurichi, after the postmortem. People from all walks of life is flocking to Kurichy to pay tribute to the deceased priest. Later, in a procession, the body will be brought to St. Joseph's Cathedral at Kottayam, then to Manarcad Cathedral, and finally to Thiruvanchoor Thoothootty Mor Gregorios Chappel and at his home nearby.

The funeral will be held tomorrow Wednesday, 17 February 2010 at 10 AM at Thiruvanchoor St. Mary's Church. The Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I will lead the funeral prayers.


Tearful farewell to Kassisso Cherian Kottayeil

17 February, Kottayam, India: The funeral of Kassisso Cherian Kottayil (46), one of the most respected and renowned priest of the Malankara Syrian church, who passed away on Monday following a road accident at Pandalam, was held at his home parish in Thiruvanchoor near Kottayam, today afternoon, in the presence of a large number of church dignitaries which included almost all the Metropolitans of Malankara Church and thousands of faithful. Today morning the visiting Suryoyo Metropolitans Mor Dionysius Behnan Jajawi, Mor Osthatheos Matta Roham and Ramban Eliyo (Germany) paid homage to the deceased priest when his body was bought to the Thoothooty Mor Gregorios Chapel near his house. Earlier, on the request of a great number of his well-wishers, the body of Kassisso was kept at various places at the Mor Ignatius dayro at Adoor, the Manthalir Jacobite Syrian Church, the St. Mary’s Soonoro Church at Kurichy where he was currently serving as a priest, the St. Joseph’s Cathedral at the Kottayam, the St. George Church at Ponpally, the St. Simon’s church at Velloor and the Morth Mariam Cathedral at Manarcaud before bringing to the Thoothooty Chapel. Everywhere a large number of faithful gathered to have a glimpse of the deceased priest and bid farewell to their beloved Kassisso.

It was in the evening of 15th that the accident occurred in which Kassisso Cherian Kottayil and another elderly person died. The Kassisso was then on his way to attend a convention at a church in Pandalam, some 50 km from here. At the time when the accident happened, he was standing on the road side after getting down from a bus in the bus stop and was enquiring with a person, about the route to the church where he was supposed to go. It was then a carry van that came in great speed hit the priest and two others with whom he was talking. Kassisso Cherian and the elderly person aged 73, died on the spot. The condition of the other injured person is still serious.

The deceased priest, who is popularly known as Cherian Achen or Kottayil Achen, belonged to the Thiruvanchoor St. Mary's church near Manarcaud in the Kottayam diocese. The young Kassisso was a gifted singer, both in Syriac & Malayalam, a blessed poet, writer, preacher and a greatly respected teacher of Holy Jacobite Syrian Church. He was a well known Eccara teacher at our M.S.O.T. Seminary, Mulanthuruthy. It was Kassisso Cherian who mostly led the Coir of major Church ceremonies; his latest presence was in the recent Episcopal ceremonies. Fr. Cherian truly testified the compassion and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cherianachen, as he was popularly called, was a priest who mostly stays behind the curtain, yet accomplishes great deeds for the growth of the Kingdom of God. He is the author of two books and several poems and articles which was published in various church periodicals. He leaves behind his Parents, wife and two kids.

The untimely death of Kassisso Cherian is a great loss for not only the diocese of Kottayam and the M.S.O.T. seminary, but the entire Malankara Syrian Church. We express our condolences, and pray that God console the beloved near and dear ones. May Achen's soul be in paradise.


Source: Malankara Syriac Resources


Condolence message from

Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas





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