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Consecration Of St Jacob Of Nsibin Church

On May 17th 2009, the new Syriac Orthodox Cathedral, St. Jacob of Nsibin in Sweden was consecrated and sanctified.
People started to arrive as early as ten oíclock in the morning, two hours before the ceremony would start.  At 11.30 AM the church was full. Monks and priests started to arrive. The Catholic and Protestant churches in Sweden were also present. Also many people from the Swedish state and different organizations were present to share the joy. Everyone was excited and had looked forward to this day from the first moment they started building the church. Also Suroyo TV was present to air the whole event live.

Before 12.00 AM all the deacons and deaconesses gathered at the entrance of the church to welcome the bishops. Just after 12.00 AM His Eminence Mor Julius Abdulahad Shabo cut the ribbon and white doves were set free to fly into the church. His Eminence and all the other bishops from our church, followed by the priests and the people that gathered outside, all marched in to the church to start the ceremony. It brought great joy to see all bishops walking down the church together.


It was very overwhelming to see all the bishops together, surrounded by priests, monks and deacons. His Eminence Mor Theophilos Georg Saliba from Lebanon, Mor Philoxenus Mattias Nayis from the Patriarchate in Syria, Mor Dioscoros Benyamin Atas from Sweden, Mor Dionosius Isa Gurbuz bishop from Switzerland and Austria, Mor Philoxenus Saliba ÷zmen from Mardin, Mor Malatius Malke Lahdo from Australia and Mor Severius Hazail Soumi from France and Belgium, all participated during this day.


There were also representatives from our sister-churches: His Eminence Anba Abakir of the Coptic Orthodox Church and His Eminence Macarie Dr‚goi of the Rumanian Orthodox church. There were also other representatives from other churches and organizations.

Thousands of people from all over Sweden came to be a part of this beautiful day.
After the sanctification ceremony, the first liturgy was held. After the liturgy everyone went outside for a snack and the church bell rang for the first time. A few guests were also invited to have dinner with the bishops.




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