(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!! Roblox Codes For November 2023

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Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure in the magnificent realm of Chicken Nugget Land? Look no further because the talented developer @frapkips has cooked up a delectable treat for all you Roblox enthusiasts! Brace yourselves as we delve into the wacky and hilarious world of “(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!” – the code you absolutely cannot miss!

In this uproariously delightful game, players are transported to a whimsical universe where chicken nuggets rule the land. As you embark on your journey, be prepared to encounter an array of outlandish planets, each with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. From the planet of Cheesy Fries to the crater-ridden Pizza Planet, every celestial body in this chicken-filled galaxy promises a zany and belly-laugh-inducing experience.

With an overwhelming number of favorites standing at a staggering 1,851 and visits clocking in at an impressive 352.5K+, it’s safe to say that “(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!” has received immense love and adoration from Roblox fans worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to the game’s captivating blend of comedy and creativity, which keeps players thoroughly engaged and coming back for more.

Not only does “(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!” offer an amusing gaming experience, but it also boasts a resilient server size of 10, ensuring smooth gameplay and minimal interruptions. This attention to technical details further solidifies @frapkips’ commitment to providing players with the best possible interactive journey through Chicken Nugget Land.

Whether you’re an avid fan of comedy or simply seeking an escape from the mundane, “(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!” has something to offer for everyone. So, put on your space suit, grab your nugget blaster, and prepare to laugh your way through the cosmic adventures that await you. Don’t miss out on this absolutely delightful game; it’s a clucking good time that’s sure to leave you craving more Chicken Nugget Land madness!

Working (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!! latest code – Update 23/11

Codes Rewards
SOC2D2A6D9A Use this code to receive 500 gold reward
SOC2A090FB3 Redeem this code to obtain 200 cash a reward
SOC1CC46D7F Use this code to receive 1000 gems reward
SOC39419A48 Use this code to obtain 300 token reward
SOC3612FC4C Input this code to get 1000 coin a reward
SOC3CAB4F89 Redeem this code to get 100 gems reward
SOC133083E2 Input this code to get 500 power your reward
SOC5CB13931 Use this code to get 300 power reward
SOC6F6E2B79 Redeem this code to get 100 coin your reward
SOC1BAA1DAB Use this code to obtain 100 diamon reward
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(PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!! expired codes

Codes Rewards
SOC31CF806A Redeem this code to obtain 300 token a reward
SOC536754A9 Use this code to obtain 200 EXP your reward
SOC3F31B764 Use this code to get 100 gems your reward
SOC2F2932AE Redeem this code to get 200 gold reward
SOC1A800DB6 Use this code to obtain 500 token a reward
SOC7DF1D083 Redeem this code to obtain 500 EXP your reward
SOC7581D9EB Redeem this code to receive 500 EXP your reward
SOC349C740 Use this code to get 100 token a reward
SOC1F7E3C1A Use this code to receive 1000 gold a reward
SOC2CAF75D7 Use this code to get 1000 gems your reward


  • SOC5BF0B215
  • SOC2C40BFB4
  • SOC1E58D7B5
  • SOC7347F583
  • SOC7F46A1C6
  • SOCA00793B
  • SOC50386AB5
  • SOC82CCC40
  • SOC70AD196A
  • SOC2E9E8C73


  • SOC30FDD951
  • SOC52C8D14D
  • SOC470F3515
  • SOC7A24FA1B
  • SOCD906E83
  • SOC668ED7D4
  • SOC50BD935E
  • SOC1CB94205
  • SOC15F2834D
  • SOC71EA8D56

How to Redeem (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!! Codes

How do you enter codes on (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!? To access the codes menu, you need to press the ‘Extra’ button in the upper left corner of your screen and then select the ‘Codes’ option.

Step 1: Launch (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!: Begin your Roblox journey into the captivating world of (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!

Step 2: Access the Menu: Locate the ‘Menu’ button on your screen and click it.

Step 3: Select Codes Within the menu options, choose Codes.

Step 4: Type a code into the textbox and then press the tick button next to it.

If the code you entered is valid, the text in the textbox will change to ‘Successfully claimed!’ If you get an ‘Expired!’ error message instead, then that could mean one of two things. It could mean the code has to be redeemed in a private or new server, and you’re currently in an old one. To get round this, create a private server, then join that server and try redeeming the code again. (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!! lets you create one free private server per Roblox account.

To receive the latest updates, make sure to follow the publisher @frapkips.

Introducing the game (PLANETS!) CHICKEN NUGGET LAND!!!!

Active 0
Favorites 1,851
Visits 352.5K+
Server Size 10
Genre Comedy


Update at 10:51 - 26/09/2023
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